Top Live Webcams to See Wildlife


While there are a plethora of books focusing on various types of wildlife, nothing quite compares to seeing rare, exotic animals in person. Most of us will never be able to travel to a distant land to get an up close look at certain endangered or rare species — especially exotic baby animals — but the Internet has made it possible to get a glimpse of wildlife in action via webcams. There are many organizations which are dedicated to showcasing the world’s rare wildlife species on the net. Here are some of the top live webcams where you can see wild animals.



If you’ve ever wanted to see baby lions, herds of elephants, giraffes, and other animals in Africa, Africam is your best bet. These live feeds come from African wildlife preserves and locations in Tanzania, Egypt, and South Africa. One of the nice features of Africam is that you can sign up for alerts and be notified when animals step into view of the feed.

The Crane Cam

The Crane Cam is operated by Operation Migration, and is dedicated solely to capturing video of the whooping crane. Live footage can be seen on the organization’s website or its Ustream channel. Since the whooping crane is endangered, and rarely able to be seen, this web cam will be particularly enjoyed by bird lovers.

Panda Cam

panda cam

Pandas are among the rarest, most beloved mammals on the planet. Unfortunately, geopolitical red tape, cost, and the very low numbers of the panda population make it difficult to see one in a zoo. One of the few zoos to host pandas is the San Diego Zoo, which runs a live feed of their visiting pandas. In addition to web cam footage, the Panda Cam site has valuable information about the animals and efforts to keep them from becoming extinct.

The Farallones Cam

Coastal wildlife is a majestic sight, with whales, penguins, seabirds, sea lions, and rare turtles. With few zoos having the ability to run an aquarium where coastal animals can thrive, and the dwindling numbers of some species, viewing these animals in person is a challenge. The web cams operated by Farallon National Wildlife Refuge is a nice alternative. Viewers can see an assortment of coastal wildlife, from sharks to seals and land birds.

The International Wolf Center’s Wolf Den Cams

Wolves are some of the most mysterious, beautiful animals in the wild. Most people won’t dare get close enough to view the intriguing habits and behaviors of wolves in person, and this is what makes the International Wolf Center’s wolf den web cams so great. Viewers can get a close look at the wolves, their pups, and all of the action that takes place in a pack. Watching the wolves interact with each other can be quite entertaining.

Preserving Wildlife

The groups, individuals, and organizations who collaborate to keep these webcams running often rely on donations. Some of these webcams are run alongside nature preserves and zoos which are working to keep certain wildlife species from extinction. One way to contribute to their efforts is to spread the word about these live animal feeds and the need for wildlife conservation. Donating time, money, or resources needed to care for the animals and maintain the web cams can also make a positive impact.